Emelie Kamp is a wellness entrepreneur. In 2012 she started an online wellness store and soon after opened a wellness center, gym, and café in Stockholm, Sweden. Emelie Kamp is the co-founder of Worth it Living as well as a Licensed Nutritional Counselor, Wellness Coach, Green Living Coach, and author of the children’s book “The Sugar Story”.


Benjamin Kamp is an executive coach and on-demand CTO with over 20 years of experience in digital technology and leadership. He has worked together with hundreds of companies both in the States and Europe, and lived in Sweden for 11 years together with his wife Emelie Kamp before moving back to the States in 2017.

Andrew Pace

ANDREW PACE, Materials Consultant

Andrew Pace is the founder and owner of the Green Design Center® and has been a materials consultant for numerous LEED®, NAHB®, Healthy Child Healthy World® and Green Built Homes® projects. He estimates having helped over 20,000 individuals throughout his career with their goals of building, remodeling or maintaining a healthy home. Andrew has recently launched DegreeOfGreen.com which houses his educational blogs, videos, resources, and his podcast called Non Toxic Environments.


Sofia is our creative genius who brings her Scandinavian touch to a multitude of creative mediums. She is as well versed in graphic design as she is with interior design, and she pushes the limits to bring the beauty of Scandinavian design into every project she works with.

MICHAEL CASTRILLI, Property Management

Michael Castrilli is a Florida Licensed Realtor and has years of experience with property management. He is also a mental training & wellness professional.