When you choose to make an investment, you’re looking for a solid ROI, but you’re also looking at the impact your investment is making.


We’re offering a real estate backed investment in the vacation industry that meets the demand of health and environmentally conscious individuals as well as the needs of individuals with specific health conditions.


Investment Models


We’re working with multiple investment models that give high returns, but equally importantly, give you a part and ownership in a project that is making a huge impact on the environment, the travel industry, and the lives of millions.

  • Equity Funding
  • Debt Funding
  • Investment Property Ownership


The Platform


Vacation homes are a platform for us (you too) to change the way houses are built. By working closely with our development partners in multiple states we can pioneer new ways to build affordably, sustainably, and with non-toxic materials that improve lives and health.


The vacation club is a platform for wellness. It’s a platform for companies and products that help people to live a better and healthier life. It’s a platform to not just talk about a healthy lifestyle, but to demonstrate it.

Would you join us?


/Ben Kamp, Co-Founder Worth it Living

Current Investment Opportunities


Orlando, FL


Location 1: 25 vacation homes with 50 dwelling units.
Location 2: 125 vacation homes with 250 dwelling units.


Demo Homes Complete: Q4 2020
Development Projected for 2022



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