Spreading the word through YOU who understand WHY organic, non-toxic, sustainable, vacation and living options matter. That’s how we are going to make a change.


As a brand ambassador we would love to invite you out to our vacation property so you can experience the full Healthy Vacation Club experience.


Contact me (Emelie) on the form below so we can start a conversation and setup a time for you to come out to our vacation property.


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/Emelie Kamp, Co-Founder Worth it Living


Emelie Kamp is a wellness entrepreneur who started a web shop, wellness center, gym, and café in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s the author of the children’s book “The Sugar Story”, a licensed nutritional counselor, wellness coach, and green living coach.

Emelie Kamp

Co-Founder Worth it Living, Licensed Nutritional Counselor, Wellness Coach, and Green Living Coach.


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