Imagine what could happen if influencers and potential customers had a week-long experience of a lifestyle with your product in it.


Hi, I’m Emelie Kamp – wellness entrepreneur and product/brand consultant. We’ve probably met at Expo West/East or one of the tradeshows in Europe.


Having created my own product lines and distributed others, I understand how important it is – not just to get a customer to try your product, but for them to make it a part of their lifestyle.


In Stockholm, Sweden, where I first worked in the wellness industry, I founded a health center concept where we helped people try and adopt the habits and products that empowered them to live a healthier lifestyle.


Through the Healthy Vacation Club we can do the same thing, but on a much bigger scale and in a more immersive model. Healthy Vacation Club is healthy and sustainable vacation home communities, the first location being Orlando, Florida. Everything from building materials and wall paint to the furniture and kitchen utensils we use in the homes will be centered on healthy non-toxic and sustainable. For the guests, that means they leave their vacation with a great experience, more equipped to make healthier, better choices in their own home. A big part of that are your products that help them live the way they want, but in a healthier and more sustainable way.


Becoming a Worth it Living approved partner:


We’re very strict in our qualifications to be considered a Worth it Living partner and to gain a placement at any Healthy Vacation Club location.


If you’re fanatical about your products and if you’re creating so you can offer the very best and serve your customers well – then we’re speaking the same language.


With every product we look at:

Sourcing: Ethical, sustainable, organic (or similar).

Health: Meets the needs and demands of our demographic. Meaning safe and non-toxic, and for food items, free from gluten, artificial sweeteners/colors/flavorings, high omega-6 oils, and high levels of sugar.


Contact me if you would like to learn more and be a part of what we’re creating.

Would you join us?


/Emelie Kamp, Co-Founder Worth it Living

Benefits of Partnership


Potential customers get to try a healthier lifestyle with your product in it.


As influencers and customers get to experience your product.



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