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By Worth it Living

For over 25 years, I've helped thousands of families turn their homes into healthy sanctuaries. These are families dealing with autism, cancer, severe allergies and immune system disorders. Healthy Vacation Club will now allow those families to take vacations without the constant fear of the overload of chemicals coming from building materials used in traditional hotels and resorts. This is truly going to make a difference in their lives!

3D render of the Healthy Vacation Club in Orlando, FL.

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/ Andrew Pace, Green Design Center

Healthy Vacation Club Highlights


Are you as tired as I am of not having a healthy place to stay during your vacation? Chlorine bleach & toxic cleaners, chlorinated & fluoridated water, mold & mildew, EMFs, VOCs, and other toxins. A vacation is supposed to make you healthier, not more sick!

Emelie Kamp, Co-Founder Worth it Living, Licensed Nutritional Counselor, Wellness Coach & Green Living Coach.

Having autoimmune disease has made my body more sensitive to chemicals and molds. I’ve realized how much need there is and know we can do something about it.


While the move toward greener sustainable houses is booming, the move towards healthier homes is just beginning. It’s a challenge, requiring a deep understanding of both health and homes, but we have a pretty extraordinary team and partners to do just that!


We’re starting to build in Orlando, FL, close to Disney World and other amusement parks. After that we’ll listen to where our customers want homes and vacation rentals. We’re already looking at other properties in Florida, California, Utah, and Colorado. We’re currently ready to build in a good amount of the south east, finalizing details for the west coast, and working towards central and eastern US. I’m so excited for you to experience what we’re creating for you!


/Emelie Kamp, Co-founder

Healthy Vacation Club


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